Power cut interrupts Bishop's pilgrimage

Published: 2 May 2012 18:00

THE BISHOP of Reading's river pilgrimage was interrupted by a power cut today.

The Right Rev Andrew Proud's canal trip through Berkshire ran into difficulties when his boat got stuck in Padworth because an electric swing gate was shut.

The Rev Graeme Fancourt, who is with the bishop and his wife Dr Janice Proud on the trip, said: "We set off from Aldermaston Wharf and we only made it to Padworth and because the gate is shut as a result of the power cut. But we continued on foot and managed to meet the priests at this end of Berkshire for the day."

The trip began at Newbury Lock on Monday and is scheduled to finish in Windsor on Sunday.

Each evening the Bishop will hold a service at a church close to where he stops, and the group will be transported by car to each venue.

The pilgrimage was designed to help the Bishop better understand the area and raise money for Water Aid.

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