Bus services to change next month

Published: 10 Jun 2012 12:001 comment

A WELCOME shake-up of bus services in Caversham will come into force on Monday, July 2.

Reading Buses' Pink 22 will no longer run via Kidmore Road, Hemdean Road and Oakley Road, and will revert to using Priest Hill before resuming its normal course along The Mount and Albert Road. Changes made in September were reviewed following a public backlash and the company reintroduced outbound buses to Priest Hill before 10am.

Reading Borough Council has since agreed to restrict parking in Priest Hill to create more space for passing vehicles, prompting Reading Buses' to bring back services in both directions throughout the day.

Chief executive James Freeman said it became apparent the revised route was taking longer than the time allowed, particularly during peak hours. He stressed Hemdean Road will continue to be served by the Pink 24, and added: "We have come to the conclusion that reverting to the original route is the least worst option all round."

"As a result of the changes, the council is re-routing its Community Link 28 to service, which will travel from Reading Bridge via Henley Road, Caversham Park Road, Kiln Road, Marchwood Avenue and Tower Close to Peppard Road, Kidmore End Road, Grove Road, Evesham Road, Rotherfield Way and Hemdean Road to Caversham village."

The council said it has been able to make the changes, which will also begin on July 2, because the 28 will no longer have to serve The Mount area. It has come under criticism from Caversham Park residents, who have been unable to get a direct bus to Emmer Green surgery in St Barnabas Road or Caversham village. Under the changes there will be three buses a day from Caversham Park, at 9.25am, 11.25am and 1.55pm.

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  • CrackerJack
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    Jun 12, 13:07
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    Isn't it always amusing how they change these routes exactly back to how they were a few years back? And just as surely as an increase in fares they'll change them again to how they are now in a year or so. It keeps some pen-pusher in wages though aye?

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