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Election candidates unveiled

Published: 6 Apr 2012 17:003 comments

THE candidates who will contest the Reading Borough Council election on May 3 have been unveiled

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More than 70 are spread across 16 seats, seven of which are held by Labour, six by the Conservatives and three by the Liberal Democrats. Nine parties are represented, with four candidates standing as independents.

Labour council leader, Jo Lovelock, and deputy leader, Tony Page, are among those defending their seats, while the Lib Dems' former deputy council leader, Kirsten Bayes, who lost her seat last May, is among the challengers.

Lab - Labour

Con - Conservative

LD - Liberal Democrat

Grn - Green

CS - Common Sense

Co-op - Co-operative

UKIP - UK Independence Party

Rom - The Roman Party. Ave!

Current council composition:

Labour 22

Conservative 16

Lib Dem 6

Green 2

*Seat held by


Kirsten Bayes (LD)

Alex Coleman (Con)

Hazel Murphy (Grn)

Tony Page (Lab)

Howard Thomas (CS)



Imraan Ishtiaq (Con)

Gul Khan (Lab)

Alan Lockey (Grn)

Jean-Louis Pascual (Rom)

Mark Whiley (LD)



Richard Davies (Lab/Co-op)

Jenny Hicks (Grn)

Dave Luckett (Con)

Jenny Woods (LD)



Annette Hendry (LD)

Azam Janjua (Con)

Vivienne Johnson (Grn)

Kim Maysh (CS)

Eileen McElligott (Lab)



Janel Blattler (LD)

Richard Robeson (Con)

James Towell (Grn)

Michael Turberville (Ind)

Rose Williams (Lab)

*Liberal Democrat


Kevin Jackson (Grn)

Matt Plunkett (CS)

Daya Singh (Lab)

Jon Walls (LD)

Emma Warman (Con)



Isobel Ballsdon (Con)

Chris Burden (LD)

Dougie Coulter (Grn)

Ashley Pearce (Lab)



Sunil Gandhi (Grn)

Georgina Hughes (LD)

Alanzo Seville (Con)

Liz Terry (Lab/Co-op)



Michael Fairfax (Con)

Jo Lovelock (Lab)

Margaret McNeill (LD)

David Patterson (Grn)



Rachael Chrisp (Lab/Co-op)

Hoyte Swager (LD)

Laurence Taylor (Con)

Jamie Whitham (Grn)



David Absolom (Lab)

Mustafa Chaudhary (LD)

Jamie Chowdhary (Ind)

Kate Day (Grn)

Jane Standford-Beale (Con)



Robert Booth (Grn)

Tony Jones (Lab/Co-op)

Leo Lester (Con)

James Moore (LD)

*Liberal Democrat


Ali Asghar (Con)

Debs Edwards (Lab)

Kizzi Murtagh (Grn)

David Warren (Lib Dem)



Duncan Bruce (Lab/Co-op)

John Dickson (Ind)

Ed Hopper (Con)

Helen McNamara (Grn)

Guy Penman (LD)



Haji Banaras (Lab/Co-op)

Doug Cresswell (Grn)

William Macphee (UKIP)

Meri O'Connel (LD)

Rob Vickers (Con)

*Liberal Democrat


Nick Brown (Con)

Rebecca Chester (LD)

Mike Diamond (CS)

Keith Johnson (Grn)

Mike Orton (Lab)

Jamie Wake (Ind)


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