LIVE - Reading Borough Council election results 2012

Published: 3 May 2012 22:007 comments


Council composition:








Sunil Gandhi (Grn) 162

Georgina Hughes (LD) 164

Alanzo Seville (Con) 600

Liz Terry (Lab/Co-op) 1,351

Spoilt: 7

Turnout: 29.36%

Electorate: 7,823



Rachael Chrisp (Lab/Co-op) 1,094

Hoyte Swager (LD) 54

Laurence Taylor (Con) 279

Jamie Whitham (Grn) 1,246

Spoilt: 8

Turnout: 35%

Electorate: 7,615



Nick Brown (Con) 318

Rebecca Chester (LD) 57

Mike Diamond (CS) 99

Keith Johnson (Grn) 68

Mike Orton (Lab) 1,144

Jamie Wake (Ind) 82

Spoilt: 7

Turnout: 21.6%

Electorate: 8,254


Tilehurst: LIB DEM HOLD

Haji Banaras (Lab) 510

Doug Cresswell (Grn) 89

William Macphee (UKIP) 220

Meri O'Connel (LD) 897

Rob Vickers (Con) 604

Spoilt: 1

Turnout: 32.14%

Electorate: 7,266


Peppard: TORY HOLD

David Absolom (Lab) 434

Mustafa Chaudhary (LD) 297

Jamie Chowdhary (Ind) 789

Kate Day (Grn) 210

Jane Standford-Beale (Con) 1,090

Spoilt: 14

Turnout: 37.48%

Electorate: 7,650



Kevin Jackson (Grn) 144

Matt Plunkett (CS) 126

Daya Singh (Lab) 1,052

Jon Walls (LD) 121

Emma Warman (Con) 796

Spoilt: 11

Turnout: 29.96%

Electorate: 7,561



Annette Hendry (LD) 94

Azam Janjua (Con) 700

Vivienne Johnson (Grn) 134

Kim Maysh (CS) 79

Eileen McElligott (Lab) 1,029

Spoilt: 8

Turnout: 25.42%

Electorate: 8,044



Duncan Bruce (Lab/Co-op): 625

John Dickson (Ind) 322

Ed Hopper (Con) 1,266

Helen McNamara (Grn) 311

Guy Penman (LD) 282

Spoilt: 9

Turnout: 38.05%



Southcote: LABOUR HOLD

Ali Asghar (Con) 478

Debs Edwards (Lab) 1,364

Kizzi Murtagh (Grn) 112

David Warren (LD) 142

Spoilt: 8

Turnout: 32.66%

Electorate: 6,496


Caversham: LABOUR GAIN

Richard Davies (Lab/Co-op) 1,258

Jenny Hicks (Grn) 265

Dave Luckett (Con) 880

Jenny Woods (LD) 168

Spoilt: 14

Turnout: 34.87%

Electorate: 7,451



Imraan Ishtiaq (Con) 522

Gul Khan (Lab) 1,015

Alan Lockey (Grn) 188

Jean-Louis Pascual (Rom) 42

Mark Whiley (LD) 106

Spoilt: 6

Turnout: 24.6%

Electorate: 7,550



Michael Fairfax (Con) 400

Jo Lovelock (Lab) 1,373

Margaret McNeill (LD) 96

David Patterson (Grn) 117

Spoilt: 10

Turnout: 26.7%

Electorate: 7,546


Katesgrove: LABOUR GAIN

Janel Blattler (LD) 257

Richard Robeson (Con) 237

James Towell (Grn) 157

Michael Turberville (Ind) 42

Rose Williams (Lab) 890

Spoilt: 9

Turnout: 23.2%

Electorate: 7,177



Kirsten Bayes (LD) 135

Alex Coleman (Con) 354

Hazel Murphy (Grn) 230

Tony Page (Lab) 1,140

Howard Thomas (CS) 87

Spoilt: 7

Turnout: 20.21%

Electorate: 9,672



Robert Booth (Grn) 251

Tony Jones (Lab/Co-op) 1,032

Leo Lester (Con) 273

James Moore (LD) 425

Spoilt: 11

Turnout: 25.57%

Electorate: 7,798


Mapledurham: TORY HOLD

Isobel Ballsdon (Con) 695

Chris Burden (LD) 111

Dougie Coulter (Grn) 103

Ashley Pearce (Lab) 136

Spoilt: 5

Turnout: 41.37%

Electorate: 2,535



Labour (Lab)

Conservatives (Con)

Liberal Democrats (LD)

Green Party (GRN)

The Co-operative Party (Co-op)

Common Sense Party (CS)

The Roman Party. Ave! (Rom)

UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Independent (Ind)


Current composition:

Lab 22

Con 15

LD 6

Grn 2

Independent 1


LIB Dem candidate for Caversham ward, Cllr Jenny Claire Edwards, is feeling chipper despite thinking she will only have got "around 10%" of the votes.

She said: "I'm enjoying it. It's all about democracy and seeing a paper with a cross next to your name."


THE Lib Dems remain optimistic about the impending results.

Group leader, Cllr Daisy Benson, said is feeling "good and confident".

She added: "People talk us down all the time but they are pleased to see us out there working!"


LIB Dem veteran Cllr Peter Beard in his final minutes as a councillor believes Peppard, Kentwood and Redlands are among the key seats tonight.


Minster ward's Cllr Marian Livingston said the weather made campaigning a case of "shower dodging" but added the party was determined to "get out there and do it".


LABOUR'S Cllr Gul Khan has arrived to defend his Battle ward seat.

He said: "Nervous? I don't believe in it! Whatever happens, happens."


TURNOUT is expected to be low, and Redlands ward Labour candidate Tony Jones said: "We will see what difference it makes to the count."


ABBEY ward Lib Dem candidate and former group leader, Kirsten Bayes, is in high spirits as she attempts to dethrone council deputy leader, Cllr Tony Page.

She said: "I'm looking forward to the night."


BATTLE ward Tory candidate Imraan Ishtiaq is feeling confident and says his party has "a good chance".


TORY veteran Fred Pugh is savouring his last hours as councillor before he retires, adding: "I'm councilllor for only a couple more hours".


COUNTING is well under way and councillors and candidates are still arriving.

The centre is buzzing - it won't be long before the first results are announced.


BALLOT boxes are arriving thick and fast and so are councillors and candidates.

Deputy council leader Tony Page is here as is the former Tory group leader Cllr Andrew Cumpsty.


THERE was a spot of election rage after Labour election agent David Absolom strolled onto the counting floor.

An angry former Lib Dem leader Gareth Epps snapped: "I know the Labour Party think they own Reading but that's not on."

Mr Absolom replied: "We have all had a long day Gareth."


THE first ballot box has arrived - it's ABBEY.


WELCOME to the Reading Borough Council election count 2012 live from the Rivermead Leisure Centre in Richfield Avenue.

Polling stations have closed and the results will appear here live as they are announced. Readers can also keep up to date with the action on Twitter by following @rdgchronicle.

There are 16 of the council's 46 seats up for grabs - one in each ward.

Labour are defending seven seats to the Tories six and Lib Dems three.

Control of the council hangs very much in the balance, with no party having an overall majority.

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  • dickemery
    Unregistered User
    May 4, 02:44
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    too many chiefs turn out 29% waste of tax money same old story nothing changes

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  • Gareth Epps
    Unregistered User
    May 4, 02:56
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    Absolom also failed to control a Labour Party worker who assaulted me after the Church Ward declaration. Labour's behaviour at the count was disgraceful and thuggish.

    Recommend?   Yes 6     No 25

  • Community
    Unregistered User
    May 4, 08:47
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    It doesn't matter what party you voted for, they (including Green, UKIP, BNP) are all colours of the same rainbow. However, there is no pot of gold. For your vote to mean anything you need to sever all connection with political parties at every level. Next time find an Independant (not independce,) not aligned to any party political machine, who resonates with your view of what is right and proper for the good of all. And you wonder why things never change. Until you do this you have no democracy there will be no land reform, and you and your children will always be enslaved to a life of debt. Wake up in time for the next general election.

    Recommend?   Yes 9     No 5

  • NotJohn
    Unregistered User
    May 4, 08:59
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    Disappointly low turnout.

    If you don't take part then you have no chance in changing anything.

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  • Hesketh Knee
    Unregistered User
    May 4, 13:52
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    Reading would seem to be a good yardstick for events nationally. An election characterised by a complete lack of engagement from the parties, and almost total apathy by the voters. Not one canvasser in my ward (Mapledurham), and only one leaflet, so if they can't be bothered, why on earth should we. An interesting correlation between the poorest turn out being in the least affluent areas.

    The older I get, the more I recognise the truth of the Connolly doctrine: The very desire to be a politician, at any level, should be a permanent and total disbarment, from ever being allowed to be one.

    Recommend?   Yes 7     No 2

  • dickemery
    Unregistered User
    May 5, 04:12
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    l agree with what community dicuss says, the big three are a waste of time look at the behavior of local counciller and their boss in westminster act like privilege schoolboys mostly failed businessmen vote for another alternative to your chosing cant be any worse than the big 3 save the planet dont be like sheep and follow each other otherwise nothing will change and if you have a view share it on this forum dont hide

    Recommend?   Yes 4     No 1

  • Paul Bardos
    Unregistered User
    May 5, 14:10
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    The big story seems to be the number of "protest" party votes and risng counts for the Greens. Not much on offer from Labour, Lib Dem or Tories but the usual rubbish. They all have had their snout in the trough for too long. Wonder if this Labour Ciuncil will be as useless as the last one: anyone for more tall buildings, idiotic road schemes and environmentally very unfriendly bioethanol... All nodded through by the other parties, until such point as they become an election issue again.

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