Residents must move after Woodley care home is axed

Published: 15 May 2012 20:308 comments

NEWS FLASH Wokingham Borough Council's executive decided tonight to shut Fosters residential care home in Woodley and transfer its residents - many of whom are suffering from dementia - to other homes.

For the full story and reaction to the 50-year-old home's demise, see Thursday's Chronicle.

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  • Jethro
    Unregistered User
    May 15, 20:39
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    Welcome to the new Tory ideal; where only the "haves" flourish and the "have nots" are trodden underfoot by the coalition's jackboot. Orwell had it right.

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  • HAMHAMsterMan
    Unregistered User
    May 16, 08:05
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    Yes Jethro, this is exactly like 1984.


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  • dickemery
    Unregistered User
    May 17, 03:59
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    disgrace behavior by local politicans to close a care home for financial reasons the patients who suffer from this very cruel illness dementia to be thrown to another care home that doesnt specilize in this illness shows how lacking the judgement is one day their parents might suffer from this cruel illness these people worked all their lives payed into the nhs to be treated like this shame on them

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  • Tahir
    20 posts
    May 17, 09:01
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    Last year 3 weeks after the local elections, the Tories announced the privatisation of the libraries; this year within 2 weeks after the elections the Tories announce closure of Fosters. Consultation by the Tories is proving to be a smoke screen to buy them time until the elections are held and then they can quickly do what everyone is telling them not to do – and that gives them a year for people to forget what they did. Is there a pattern emerging?

    Cllr. Tahir Maher

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  • MatthewSDent
    7 posts
    May 17, 12:53
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    Oh well would you look at that. Despite spending the entire election period promising worried residents that no decision had been made, immediately after the votes are in and counted the Conservatives announce the decision that we knew they'd already made.

    This is disgusting. The damage that will be done to the health of elderly and vulnerable residents by forcing a move on them will be profound, and I won't be surprised if some don't make it. Wokingham's Conservatives have consistently ignored the needs and welfare of residents, seeing only money and not living, breathing human beings.

    I am genuinely saddened and disappointed by the decision.

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  • Cllr Keith Baker
    Unregistered User
    May 21, 13:45
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    Dickemery - sorry you are wrong. Alxandra Grange has a specialist dementia unit as does Alexandra Place in Woodley.

    I am not surprised that Tahir and Matthew de ided to try and play party politics atound this delicate matter. To complain about timing of the decision is pretty lame, bearing in mid Consultations started in November 2011 and every single piece of Liberal Democrat and Labour literature put out during the election had full page articles saying we were going to close the centre. The truth, but you will not be interested in this, was that it took longer than expected to get alexandra Grange, with its specialist dementia care facility, on the option list.

    Finally, there has been no privatisation of the libraries as the process has not yet been completed so not quite sure what you are talking about Tahir!

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  • dickemery
    Unregistered User
    May 22, 03:33
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    cllr bakery there are dementia care homes all around the country as in Reading a few but they are already full with patients if fact more needs to be built so dont try to make a political browney point your wrong to do so

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  • I D I O M
    Unregistered User
    May 22, 21:20
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    Ah the usual Councillors are present and thus the inevitable dross/digital bickering. When do they actually work? When do they actually represent the people? The pay checks are in the bank but the results strangely absent. We ponder why riots occur, economies rise/fall, empires collapse. Then you only have to glance at those supposedly in charge of the ant-hive to realise it truly does need kicking over. In an ideal world the above overpaid ****s would be forced to live in the Fosters Care Home and then be moved along to the next place. To see what it feels like. Instead they'll be buoyed along on taxpayer's money doing very little. I'd like to say vote a different way but whichever way you vote it's ****s at every turn. Still on a plus we have musical chairs to look forward to in the twilight years.

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