Rob Wilson's Westminster Diary: April 26, 2012

Published: 26 Apr 2012 09:312 comments

WITH my boss Jeremy Hunt at the centre of a political storm it's been quite a week. Much of the case presented against him, in emails submitted to the Leveson Inquiry, is exaggerated and just plain wrong.

Yet the Labour Party, led by hapless Ed Miliband and his deputy Harriet Harman, were calling for his resignation before hearing the other side of the argument. It was yet more evidence of a Labour Party unfit for government, simply jumping on a passing bandwagon.

In Rupert Murdoch's latest evidence to Leveson he said former prime minister Gordon Brown declared war on News International and the Murdochs when the Sun switched allegiance to the Conservatives.

Previously Brown had been cosy with Murdoch and therefore did nothing about phone hacking or media regulation to avoid upsetting him.

In this context we should understand the Labour Party's behaviour in recent days. It has a score to settle and is embarrassed that, having not dealt with Murdoch itself, this Government has acted and set up the Leveson Inquiry.

It is essential we get the relationship between media (and indeed other lobby groups) and politicians right. That means working across party lines and agreeing how to take legislation forward to arrive at a situation where openness and transparency are the norm.

Locally I hope to make a further announcement about education very shortly. Some time ago I set myself the objective of transforming educational opportunities for young people in Reading following years of underperformance. To that end a new technical school, designed to fill the gap between vocational and academic options and provide the local economy with missing skills, is on track to open in September 2013.

I have also been trying to further enhance choices for Reading's parents by working on the provision of a further school focusing on an English Baccalaureate for 11-year-olds upwards.

I have had a number of discussions with potential partners and senior Government Ministers and good progress has been made.

While this is at an early stage, I am very excited indeed that there is a significant opportunity to deliver another excellent school for my constituents.

I know that this will raise questions, but I will let my constituents know more in due course. My past experience, whilst helpful, demonstrates there are lots of potential bumps in the road.

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  • Sandy
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    May 3, 09:30
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    Since you are convinced that the allegations against Jeremy Hunt are so exagerreated and wrong, then why has this case not been referred to the Parliamentary Standards Commisioner? After all, it is the commissioner's job to investigate such allegations and determine whether or not a breach has occurred.

    Neither side of the House come out of this well and parliament is yet again open to accusations of sleazy corruption.

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  • dickemery
    Unregistered User
    May 8, 02:27
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    well rob boy looks like your leader has blown his cred the promises we will cut red tape get things moving ,no growth,lax on immigration accountablity weak with euro snub by eu leaders are just a few if only this government grow some .., looks like Boris is the man shoots straight from the hip as it is, no nonsense whats needed and what about you l guess your piggy in thr middle you should have voted a referendum on europe but l guess your hands were tied people are fed up when politicans follow the flock grow some stand up for what the people expect from your or you will be joining Dave boy

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